Ice Kacang & Chendol

Have you ever be in a situation, where you want to offer 2 of Singapore's favourite cold desserts (Ice Kacang & Chendol), but you can't, cause it is just too expensive to have 2 separate dessert stations.

Don't deprive your guests and put them in that misery. We got you covered. When you book our halal Ice Kacang & Chendol station, your guests will be spoilt for choice as they will be served with freshly made ice kacang and chendol. Second servings won't be so dull anymore.

Our ice kacang & chendol station is served with red beans, jelly, coloured syrup, evaporated milk, pandan jelly, coconut milk and gula melaka.

At OneTwoThree Snap Studio, we don't only specialize in photography & videography, but we offer a holistic solution for your event needs. Here's a 1 minute video of our ice kacang & chendol live food station.

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