Ice Cream Haven

Nothing beats the hot weather than a nice cone of ice, cold, creamy ice cream. Its a staple dessert for any occasion. Corporate events, weddings, birthday parties etc, you can never go wrong with ice cream.

With a variety of flavours, your guests will be spoilt for choice. We serve our ice cream on a crunchy waffle cone or in a cute little cup.

That's a perfect marriage made in heaven.

For more information on our mobile ice cream service, talk to us:

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Snow Cone Pit-Stop

A cone shaped flavoured ice - WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR?

An ideal fun dessert for any occasion. A birthday party, that perfect wedding or a corporate launch for your latest product, let our snow cone be the conversation starter for your event.

Our mobile station is a fun pit stop that serves the perfect mouth watering treat for your guests.

For more information on this flavourful service, talk to us:

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Email: enquiries(AT)

Mobile Coffee Bar

From corporate events, exhibitions, birthday parties to weddings, there is no other drink that creates conversation than a cup of coffee. We specialize in catering a mobile coffee experience right at your doorstep.

Instead of getting a boring automated coffee machine, our friendly baristas will help you to entertain your guests and indulge them with a hot freshly made coffee. 

If you would like to know more, talk to us:

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Email: enquiries(AT)

We do badges too...

If you would like people to know who is the event coordinator of your event, BADGE HIM!

If people keep asking you who is the mother of the bride, BADGE HER!

Event badges, that's the new trend and we are the trend-setters. It is good for wedding receptions, corporate events, birthday parties etc.

Find out more - 
Call: +65 9789 9010
Email: enquiries(AT)onetwothreesnapstudio(DOT)com

Capture more wedding moments...

It's your big day. And all you want to do is to capture as many memories as possible.

But the thousands of dollars that you are spending on your photographers and videographers will only capture your moments, your poses, you and you only.

What about your guests? The people that came to your wedding? How do you capture hundreds of smiles all in one day without breaking the bank.

Well, we have the perfect solution for you. And it won't cost you an arm and a leg or even a NOSE?

Our solution - WEDDING DIARY DVD, in which it will consists of 2 segments:

+ Well Wishes

+ Behind The Scene

For more information:
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Here's where the fun starts - Our Gallery

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Photo booth for all occasions.

If you are thinking of something unique for your wedding reception or an "OUT-of-THIS-world" photo booth station for your upcoming birthday or company party, then you are at the right page, my friend.

Our primary goal is to capture happiness. And build it as a memory that will last a lifetime. 


We do understand that everything is about cost. Hence, our photo booth packages starts from only $150.

Yes! We are not kidding, and you are certainly not reading it wrong.

To understand better on what you will get for $150 or find out more on our other photo booth packages, talk to us:

Call: +65 9789 9010
Email: enquiries(AT)onetwothreesnapstudio(DOT)com

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