Warung Goreng Goreng

Crunchy, flavourful and mouth-watering "goreng-goreng" delicacies that oozes on your taste buds like HONEY!

Perfect for weddings, carnivals, corporate events and parties. We serve banana fritters (goreng pisang), banana ball (jemput-jemput), churros, Vegetable fritters (jemput-jemput sayur) and Vadai (indian delicacy)

Our mobile station is a fun pit stop that is a perfect treat for your guests.

For more information about our goreng goreng live station: 
A - 621 Aljunied Road, #07-02A S(389834)
E - enquiries@onetwothreesnapstudio.com
M - +65 9789 9010
# - #setup4today & #onetwothreesnap
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